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RISE Facilities

The RISE team performs a majority of it's operations in the G.M Trout building at MSU. This lab has extensive capabilities for materials characterization and processing, as well as mechanical properties testing and small scale mixing.


Material Characterization


Thermogravimetric Analysis

Captures weight change of materials as a function of temperature. Measures changes due to thermal reactions


Isothermal Calorimetry

Heat flow measurement equipment, operating in the milliwatt range



Measurement of rheological data used to describe and assess the deformation and flow behavior of materials

Screenshot 2024-04-01 120910.png

Particle Size Distribution Analysis

Uses an Aero-M dry cell to measure the particle size of different materials. Tolerance 0.1-1000 µm

Material Processing


Planetary Ball Mill

Grinding station with capable of reducing overall particle size & specific surface area of a material


Gravity Convection Drying Oven

Digital controlled and uniform heating oven, capable of operating at temperatures up to 250°C

Screenshot 2024-04-01 124639.png

Compact Muffle Furnace

High temperature equipment, capable of operating at temperatures up to 1000°C

Sample Preparation & Testing

CO2 Incubator.jpg

ASTM Compliant Benchtop Mixer

Used for smaller-scale concrete sample preparation.

CO2 Incubator

Used to cure concrete testing samples in a controlled environment


MTS Electromechanical Load Frame

Used to determine mechanical properties of materials under different loading conditions and stress states (compression, tension, shear, and flexure)

RISE at MSU's Civil Infrastructure Lab


The RISE team uses Michigan State's Civil Infrastructure Lab for activities that require more space, such as large-scale mixing, concrete performance testing, and 3D concrete printing.

Sample Manufacturing


Concrete Mixing Drums

For mixing larger quantities of concrete

robotic arm.jpg

ABB Robotic Arm

Used for large scale 3D printing of concrete structures

Sample Testing


Thermal Cycling Chamber

Simulates thermal cycling for concrete test samples.  Uses thermocouples in chamber and embedded in samples to monitor ambient temperature and incremental depth temperature


Material Test System

Used for compression and tension testing of samples


Forney Compression Machine

Used for compression testing of samples

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